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“We are a brand focusing on fresh meat and ready-to-cook/eat products.” We have been providing Fresh meat for more than 60 years now. Our Main aim is to ensure that all the produce reaching the end consumer is fresh. We don’t store meat in advance for hours in warehouses like other meat supplier. We deliver the fresh cut meat which has been processed only after your demand and deliver it to you in minutes maintaining quality. We ensure healthy, Hygienic meaty goodness to you, without any hassles. Our mission is to provide on demand fresh meat at affordable rates on time for consumers in India.”
Secret to great food
In modern day busy lives, we often settle for what’s convenient. Today, most of us do not have easy access to high quality avenues to source our products from. As a result, our priorities have shifted far from tradition, authenticity, quality and purity toward accessibility and compromise. What if we were to make authentic and pure whole meats more accessible & affordable? So accessible that we’ll deliver them right to your doorstep within minutes. At Meatcraft, we believe in tradition, values and the goodness of fresh meat. Experience the taste, texture and tenderness of farm fresh meat delivered straight from high quality farms. No more Preservatives, No more compromises, no inconvenience, just the unmistakable, sweet smell of juicy, all-natural meat. Bring back the touch of tradition and heritage to the food you eat; let the taste of mother’s recipes come to life in dishes you prepare. Authentic, certified, fresh, Raw and easy-to-cook/Eat – just the way you love it.
“Say good-bye to adulterated dishes and hello to finger-licking freshness. Let us together unlock the secret to great food.”
Farm to fork, Freshness guaranteed
Meatcraft partners with high quality farms to bring you the fresh meat from only the best breeds, bypassing local mandis, wholesalers and butcher shops. Meats are delivered hygienically through a unique end-to-end cold chain supply that ensures consistent freshness from farm to table without freezing or exposing meats to any preservatives or water.
“Meatcraft guarantees same day stock delivery within 2 hours or on prescribed schedule.”
Richer taste, better health
No antibiotics, no growth hormones, no preservatives. The texture, color and tenderness of farm fresh meats are distinct and wholesome. The truth is the meat you procure from local vendors and supermarkets is highly processed and from animals raised under unhygienic, inhumane conditions of common feedlots and grossly overburdened slaughter houses. Animals in these common feedlots are constantly treated with antibiotics to hide illnesses, growth hormones to increase production and other preservative chemicals to increase shelf life. For too long have you blindly trusted local vendors with the health and wellness of your family? No more. With Meatcraft you can be sure that the meat on your table comes from a healthy animal raised in a hygienic and humane environment on high quality farms equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. 100% chemical-, antibiotic- and hormone-free meat that not only cooks healthier but also has a taste that will leave you licking your plate.

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