5 Chicken Facts & Health Benefits That Will Blow Your Mind
5 Chicken Facts & Health Benefits That Will Blow Your Mind

Chicken Facts and Health Benefits That You Need to Know!

Chicken is the most common part of our diet. You might eat it regularly, don’t you?

While eating chicken, have you ever thought about how it affects your health? What are the chicken health benefits of it in your diet? If yes. That’s great!

Otherwise, this blog is all about chicken facts and health benefits.

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Chicken facts on nutrition

  • Chicken is rich in B12 and Choline, these both are important for the progress of the brain in kids and improve the nervous system in adults.
  • Chicken contains vitamins such as B6 and B12 which are crucial for boosting energy and the well-being of the brain.
  • The healthy fact is chickens contain protein, much more than fat and calories. 25-30 grams is the amount of protein per meal that makes us feel filled even after having little of it. That feeling is in the case of chicken.
  • Chicken nutrition fact is that it contains niacin, potassium, copper, protein, vitamins (B6, B12), selenium, and many more. Wonder to know that Selenium improves the functionality of the immune system and is beneficial for the thyroid.
  • The beneficial and healthiest part of the bird is the breast. According to the research by USDA, 85g of the breast contains the following nutrients:

Calories : 128g, Fat : 2.7g, Sodium: 44mg, Protein : 26g

Potassium: 5% of the daily value

Zinc: 7% of the daily value

Sugar, fiber, and carbohydrates are 0 g in the breast.

The health benefits of having chicken in your diet

1.  Chicken is rich in protein content

When it comes to protein food, chicken is considered one of the top protein food items. And it is.As per the USDA Food Data Central, chicken breast has 14.73 grams of protein per 100 grams which is recommended food for protein intake. Since protein is made up of amino acids, which are responsible for the formation of your muscles. Now, you may get how important chicken is for lean people.

2.  Help to relax you in case of depression

You’ll wonder to know about it!

“Feel good” is another name for serotonin neurochemical that is responsible for boosting your mood. Having chicken increments serotonin in your brain that makes better your mood, declines stress, and allays depression. Chicken contains an amino acid named “tryptophan” which impacts positively your nervous system and helps you have good sleep. So, chicken brings two benefits for you: nutritious food and lower your depression. 

3.  Fortify teeth and bones

The weakening of teeth and bones is one of the major health issues faced by people. But, no worries, it has a healthy solution rather than taking medicines. Chicken contains phosphorus that strengthens your teeth and bones. That’s why it is too good for kids and women who have weak bones to eat chicken in their routine.

4. Lower the blood pressure

Lower the blood pressureA regular balanced diet of chicken along with vegetables, fruits, and other low-fat, nutrient food helps you to control your blood pressure. As proof, it was seen in many African Americans who had the problem of hypertension.

5. Chicken helps in weight loss

Chicken helps in weight lossChicken plays an important role in weight loss. It manages and loses your weight. The reason for it is the presence of rich protein. People having chicken feel fullness at the earliest thus they eat the right amount of everyday diet. The richness of protein and low calories reduce your appetite and avoids you from overeating. Thus to be healthy and slim, add chicken to your diet which would help you have the exact amount of food.

Healthy ways to prepare chicken

  1. Preparing grilled chicken is a wise decision regarding the health benefits of chicken. Also, add vegetables to grilled chicken.
  2. Bake the chicken to keep up its high nutrients.
  • Keeping small chicken pieces between bread slices is a good and healthy choice for lunch.
  1. Avoid frying chicken otherwise, its outcomes would be high in calories and fats.

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