Myths of Consuming Meat
Myths of Consuming Meat

People are very conscious when it comes to their health specially if they are non-vegetarian. There are several myths about consuming meat around us.

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Myth 1. Meat Rots in your colon

According to some people, meat doesn’t get digested in the stomach and rots in your colon. This myth is complete nonsense. This can be created by some people who are vegans so that they can scare people with meat. When we eat meat then acid in our stomach and some enzymes break it into simpler forms. After that, they get absorbed in the digestive wall and then into the bloodstream. After that, it’s nothing left to rot in your colon.

Myth 2. Meat is high in cholesterol and fat

It has always been said that meat is high in fat and cholesterol but today Science suggests that meat is a very vital molecule for the human body. Even cholesterol is also a very vital molecule for the human body. It is found in every cell organelle. The liver produces it in a large amount so that it can be enough for the body. When we get a sufficient amount of cholesterol then the liver state produces it in a less amount.

Myth 3. Meat causes heart disease and Type 2 diabetes

It has always been an argument against meat that it causes western diseases such as diabetes and diseases related to the heart. But after a lot of studies, many scientists suggest that meat is all safe for the body.

Myth 4. Red Meat Causes Cancer

Some people also suggest red meat causes cancer. After many types of research reports suggest that red meat does not cause any issues such that cancer.

Myth 5. Humans are natural herbivores and they are not designed to eat meat.

Some vegans claim that humans are not designed to eat meat. They also claim that humans are naturally herbivores such as are prime ancestors.  However, this is completely false. Pre-humans have been eating meat for a very long time. Our human body can adapt to meat very easily. Our digestive system doesn’t resemble such herbivores who are not adapted to eating meat. We have hydrochloric acid in our stomach which breaks meat into simpler forms. It is also believed that the consumption of meat helps in the evolution of large brains. Human functions best on eating both animals and plants.

Myth 6. Meat is bad for your bones.

Some people also claim that eating meat can harm your bones and can also lead to osteoporosis. But this is a completely false statement. Meat contains high protein content which is very good for the bones. Even doctors also suggest having bone soup to avoid bone-related problems.

Myth 7. Meat makes you fat

Some people also believe that meat makes you fat. They also claim that meat contains high calories and fat molecules. But let me tell you that bodybuilders have boiled chicken in their diet. Meat is also one of the best sources of bioavailable protein. Studies claimed that protein plays a very major role in weight loss. It also increases metabolism in the body. Studies also claim that if you increase the protein diet then you do not need any other food which can increase the chance of high calories.

Myth 8. Meat is unnecessary

Some people also claimed that meat is unnecessary for our health. But it’s not. Meat contains a very rich content of protein. When you are low in your protein diet it is always suggested by doctors to take a rich protein diet which is meat. Bodybuilders also take a protein diet or boiled chicken for their physique.

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