Tasty Ready To Eat Offerings By MeatCraft
Tasty Ready To Eat Offerings By MeatCraft

In Delhi, Meat Craft is paving the way for a scooping feast. Meatcraft is known for its delectable food that can satisfy any appetite.

Meat Craft in Ramesh Nagar ensures that customers have a wonderful dining experience by serving delicious meals. The restaurant serves several options, such as home delivery, takeout, and ready-to-eat meals.

mc 1The following are a few of meat craft’s ready-to-eat offerings:


Chicken burger Tikki – It costs about Rs. 120

These Chicken burger Tikki are best suited if you’re looking for a dish that sounds good in this rainy season. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it, to cook chicken in a hot masala and then mold it into tikkis?  Your long-term burger cravings will be satisfied by this package of 6 chicken burger tikkis.

Chicken lollipop red – It costs about Rs. 120

These spicy chicken lollipops offered by meat craft are the best-tasting ones ever! Whenever feasible, serve them as a snack! Everybody will enjoy this savory, tangy, and saucy cuisine as an appetizer or side dish with some Chinese noodles or fried rice. These hot chicken lollipops are ideal for any occasion, including supper with the family or game day treats.

Chicken nuggets – It costs about Rs. 120

These chicken nuggets from meat craft are delicious and appropriate for every occasion. Children and adults both savor chicken nuggets as a mouthwatering appetizer. They are well-liked on the menu at this restaurant because of their light, crisp exterior, and juicy, well-seasoned interior.

Chicken Popcorn – It costs about Rs. 120

You’re probably going to fall in love with the popcorn chicken at Meatcraft. If you’ve never tasted it, it has a lot of flavor-bursting tender chicken breast pieces that have been breaded and deep-fried to golden brown perfection, and these are oh very tasty! With your preferred dip, serve them as an appetizer.

Chilli chicken – It costs about Rs. 100

Chilli chicken is a crispy sweet, spicy, and somewhat sour appetizer made of chicken, bell peppers, garlic, chilli sauce, and soy sauce. This crisp fried saucy chilli chicken recipe is one of the best meatcraft dishes.

Crunchy chicken – It costs about Rs. 100

Meatcraft is a gold mine if you want to eat a mouthwatering crunchy chicken at a restaurant. Nothing beats crispy, peppered chicken skin with juicy, luscious flesh.

Fish fingers – It costs about Rs. 180

Crispy on the outside and juicy on the interior, these fish fingers are a pleasure to eat. You can’t really argue with this delightful dish from meatcraft. Fish Fingers are a popular appetizer with a crunchy texture outside and a soft center that goes well with mayonnaise and tomato ketchup.

Fish orley – It costs about Rs. 180

Meatcraft delivers a crunchy fried fish meal called “fish orley” for all fish lovers. It is a delightfully soft, well-seasoned, fresh white fish with a crisp outer coating.

Chicken Manchurian – It costs about Rs. 100

Meatcraft serves Manchurian chicken that is bursting with flavors and spices precisely the way we want it. A tasty and well-known Indo-Chinese dish named “Chicken Manchurian” is made with crispy fried chicken with a hot, sticky sauce. You already know how utterly tempting Chicken Manchurian can be if you’ve ever tried it! Boneless chicken nuggets that are golden brown and slathered in a mouth-wateringly flavorful sauce.

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